Volvo “Engine may fail” Recall – S60 V60 XC60 V70 XC70 S80 XC90

by: Alexandra M.

Volvo Recall Description: Engine may fail

Volvo models affected by this Recall: Volvo S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70, S80, XC90

Recall chassis numbers (VIN) by Volvo Model: 240699 to 241033; 639987 to 639987; 160705 to 161054; 139639 to 140045; 076115 to 076115; 315062 to 325561; 134573 to 134573

Build Date of Volvo cars Affected:

Recall total number of Volvo Cars: 6

Recall defect descripton: There could be a sudden and unexpected failure of the bottom end of the engine because of a non-conformity during production of the connecting rods.

Volvo Recall action: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the engine.

Volvo Recall launch date: 25/04/2012

Recall Reference: R/2012/056