Estimated Time: 20 min

Follow this 7 steps to remove the front bumper on your Volvo S40 and V40 (1995 to 2004 model).

Step 1. Remove both front (left and right) turn signal lamps

Step 2. On both front wheel arches, remove the screw (A) and the retaining clips (B) for the mudguards.
Step 3. If applies to your car, disconnect the connectors for the outside temperature sensor, horn and headlamp wipers and the washer hose for the headlamp wipers at the T-junction.

Step 4. Remove the front engine cover under the engine.
Step 5. Disconnect the connectors for the sidemarker lamps and for the fog lamps.

Step 6. From under the car remove the 2 clips (A) and the 4 mounting screws for the bumper.
Step 7. Remove the bumper from the car.

To install, proceed in the reverse order.

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