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13 thoughts on “Volvo Tutorial Request

  1. Di Dent says:

    I am trying to remove the rear seat backs from my 2004 S60 in order to replace the intank fuel pump. I have removed the cushion but how do I get the back off?

  2. Jason says:


    Need to replace the struts on my 2002 Volvo s40. I didnt see a tutorial for doing so.



  3. Don A. Stauffer says:

    Found much corrosion in battery compartment and underneath. Bolts to the tray are rusted and penetrating fluid hasn’t helped. No corrosion on terminals, everywhere else. How can I get the tray out to remove corrosion under it?

  4. Joaquim Farias says:

    hi, can you please confirm the nº of engine?
    the vin is YV1BW7652A1165030


    I need to change the fuel filter of my XC70 2010 D5 D5244T10. Where is the filter holder located, please? I will appreciate your help.
    Thanks in advance,

  6. JZ11 says:


    Re: Volvo V40 sport manual petrol estate 2002

    The hood release cable has broken so I am unable to open the hood. It is completely closed shut. Is there an easy way to open the hood without breaking the grille? I can see 3x10mm nuts of which I have removed 2 (lower one is not moving as the head may be rounding off) in case the whole lock mechanism comes loose allowing me to lift the hood.

    Seen a few videos on youtube but nothing specific for my model. Would be good to know some options please before a garage charges me more than the car is worth to break the grille and mechanism and free the hood.

    I will need to open the hood soon to top up the oil. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

  7. Terry Kreger says:

    Show how to replace ’01 V70 parking brake.

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