Volvo “Loss of power assisted steering and engine may stall.” Recall – V70 S80

by: Alexandra M.

Volvo Recall Description: Loss of power assisted steering and engine may stall.

Volvo models affected by this Recall: Volvo V70, S80

Recall chassis numbers (VIN) by Volvo Model:

Build Date of Volvo cars Affected:

Recall total number of Volvo Cars: 190

Recall defect descripton: It is possible that water can enter the electric hydraulic power assisted steering pump. This can affect the operation of the pump. The driver will receive warning in the form of warning messages and illumination of warning lights on the dashboard. However, the power assistance for the steering can failure, but in extreme circumstances the engine can unexpectedly stall.

Volvo Recall action: Recall all affected vehicles and replace the power assisted steering pump.

Volvo Recall launch date: 06/05/2011

Recall Reference: R/2011/053