Volvo Recall Description: Fuel guage may not show fuel level correctly

Volvo models affected by this Recall: Volvo S60, V60, V70, XC60, XC70

Recall chassis numbers (VIN) by Volvo Model:

  • S60 – YV1FS31A1F2353812 to YV1FS31A0F1369494
  • V60 – YV1FW31A0F1249611 to YV1FW31A1F1272203
  • XC60 – YV1DZ3150F2701003 to YV1DZ8256F2763403
  • XC70 – YV1BZ8156F1218129 to YV1BZ8256F1231580
  • V70 – YV1BW3180F1327265 to YV1BW31A0F1337481

Build Date of Volvo cars Affected: 21/11/2014 to 18/04/2015

Recall total number of Volvo Cars: 2743

Recall defect descripton: Fuel gauge may not show correct level

Volvo Recall action: The remedy is not yet available for all models.. Until a remedy is available the manufacturer advises to maintain fuel level above approx one third.

Volvo Recall launch date: 21/12/2015

Recall Reference: R/2015/254

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