Volvo “Engine may loose drive and power steering assistance.” Recall – V70 S80 XC60 XC70

by: Alexandra M.

Volvo Recall Description: Engine may loose drive and power steering assistance.

Volvo models affected by this Recall: Volvo V70, S80, XC60, XC70

Recall chassis numbers (VIN) by Volvo Model: 000229 to 028507; 000856 to 106230; 000347 to 106435; 000329 to 065138

Build Date of Volvo cars Affected: 01/01/2007 to 31/12/2009

Recall total number of Volvo Cars: 7302

Recall defect descripton: The auxiliary drive belt tensioner may fail. This can lead to loss of steering power assistance and a slight possibility of loss of drive, should the drive belt or tensioner invade the cambelt area.

Volvo Recall action: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the auxiliary drive belt and tensioner.

Volvo Recall launch date: 23/12/2011

Recall Reference: R/2011/175