Volvo “Airbags may not deploy in a collision” Recall – S60 V60 V70 S80 XC60 XC70

by: Alexandra M.

Volvo Recall Description: Airbags may not deploy in a collision

Volvo models affected by this Recall: Volvo S60, V60, V70, S80, XC60, XC70

Recall chassis numbers (VIN) by Volvo Model: 151101 to 155385; 035101 to 054616; 118101 to 127175; 237068 to 271560; 076075 to 103860; 213101 to 226383

Build Date of Volvo cars Affected:

Recall total number of Volvo Cars: 9330

Recall defect descripton: It has been identified that the wiring harness for the SRS system may not have been correctly attached to the front seat frames. It is possible that continued adjustment of the seat position may cause the harness to become detached. If this should occur, a warning light will illuminate on the instrument panel warning the driver of a fault with the SRS system. However, in this condition, the front and side airbags may not deploy if the vehicle is involved in a collision.

Volvo Recall action: Recall all affected vehicles for an inspection of the wiring harnesses and ensure that it is correctly routed and secured. If not, then reroute and securing of the wiring harness.

Volvo Recall launch date: 07/03/2012

Recall Reference: R/2012/028