Servicing Volvo S60, V70 Petrol (2000 to 2004) Scheduled Plan

by: Alexandra M.

All you need to know to service your Volvo S60 and V70 petrol engine from 2000 to 2004, according to the Official Volvo Scheduled Service Plan / Servicing Plan / Maintenance Plan.

All the information in this article is in accordance with the Servicing Schedule Plan specified by Volvo for servicing the Volvo V70 2.0 T (B5204T5), 2.4 T (B5244T3), 2.4 (B5244S2), 2.4 i (B5244S), 2.3 T5 (B5234T3), 2.5 T (B5254T2), 2.3T (B5234T7), R – 2.5 Turbo (B5254T4), Bi – fuel CNG (B5244SG), Bi – fuel LPG (B5244SG2) and  Volvo S60 2.0T (B5204T5), S60 2.4T (B5244T3), S60 2.4 (B5244S2), 2.4i (B5244S), S60 2.3 T5 (B5234T3), S60 2.5T (B5254T2), S60 2.3T (B5234T7), S60 R – 2.5 Turbo (B5254T4), S60 Bi-fuel CNG (B5244SG) and S60 Bi-fuel LPG (B5244SG2).

Every one year or 20.000 kms / 12.000 miles, you should:

– Replace the engine oil and oil filter
– Fluid levels on engine compartment – check and adjust brake oil fluid level, power steering fluid level, windscreen washer fluid level, engine antifreeze / coolant level
– Parking brake: check and adjust if needed
– Check that all exterior lights are working
– Washer / wipers for windshields and headlamps: check the function and for signs of wear
– Check the Engine  for oil and water leaks
– Gearbox, power train – check for oil leaks – In event of leakage from the gearbox, check the gearbox oil level
– Wheels and tyres – check for damage and signs of wear
– Drive shafts – check the play (starting from five years or 100.000 kms / 60. 000 miles)
– Drive shafts – check rubber bellows
– Brake pads and brake discs – check (Minimum brake pad thickness: Front……..3 mm/0.12″. Rear……..2 mm/0.08″.)
– Brake lines, fuel lines, fuel filter – check for leakage of brake oil / fuel, and damage on the lines
– Exhaust system – check for leakage and mounting points damage (starting from five years or 100.000 kms / 60. 000 miles)
– Front suspension and steering system – check for signs of wear (starting from five years or 100.000 kms / 60. 000 miles)
– Rear suspension – check for signs of wear (starting from five years or 100.000 kms / 60. 000 miles)
– If AWD: Final drive, bevel gear – check for leaks (Check the oil level if there is leakage.)
– If AWD: Propeller shaft, pilot bearing, universal joint – check for signs of wear (starting from five years or 100.000 kms / 60. 000 miles)
– If the car have Automatic transmission/gearbox, check if the park / neutral position (PNP) switch is ok
– Battery – check the pole pieces, electrolyte level and battery mounting
– Lubricate the hinges of the doors, hood and detachable tow bar (if present)
– Passenger compartment ventilation filter – replace
– Brake fluid – replace if the car is used for mountain driving or is mainly used in humid climates
– SRI – set the service reminder indicator (SRI) to zero
– If Bi-Fuel, CNG: Drain off the condensation of the Gas filter
– If Bi-Fuel, LPG: Replace the gas filter between the governor and the gas distributor


Additionally evey two years, you should:

  • Replace the Brake Oil fluid

Additionally every three years or 60.000 kms / 37.000 miles, you should:

  • Replace the engine Air filter  cleaner (ACL) and clean the engine air filter housing.
  • Replace the Engine Spark Plugs
  • If Bi-Fuel, check the gas lines /pipes and connections for leakage, damage and corrosion. Remove all the protecgive covers to perform the check.

Additionally every four years or 80.000 kms / 48.000 miles, you should:

  • If the car have Automatic gearbox (AW55-50), replace the automatic transmission oil.
  • If Bi-Fuel, CNG: Replace the gas filter
  • If Bi-Fuel, LPG: Replace the Gas filter shut-off valve
  • If AWD: Replace the Oil filter for clutch (AOC – Active on Demand Coupling)

Additionally every ten years or 160.000 kms / 96.000 miles, you should:

  • Clean the nipples and hoses of the Crankcse ventilation (turbocharged engines only)
  • Replace the petrol Fuel filter
  • Replace the Auxiliary belt and auxiliary belt tensioner
  • Replace the Timing belt and timing belt tensioner

This maintenance plan is suitable for the following model years:

– 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Volvo V70 2.4, V70 2.4i, V70 2.0T, V70 2.4T, V70 2.3T, V70 2.5T, V70 R, V70 T5 Petrol Engines and V70 Bi-Fuel
– 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Volvo S60 2.4, S60 2.4i, S60 2.0T, S60 2.4T, S60 2.5T, S60 2.3T, S60 R, S60 T5 Petrol Engines and S60 Bi-Fuel