List of Volvo S80 (1998 to 2006) Interior Trim Codes

by: Alexandra M.

List of all Volvo S80 (1998 to 2006) Interior Trim Codes. This is the code that identifies the colour and type of seats of your interior.

Click here to know where to find your Volvo S80 Interior colour code in your car VIN plate.

81 Textile Seats

8141 Granite Textile
8170 Graphite / Off Black Textile
8179 Off Black Interior with Granite Textile Seats
8191 Light Taupe/Arena Textile

83 Leather / Textile Seats

8341 Granite Leather / Textile
835A Light Sand Leather / Textile
8370 Off Black Interior with Granite Leather / Textile
8379 Off Black Leather / Textile
8391 Arena Leather / Textile

84 Velours Seats

8441 Velours Granite
845A Velours Light Sand
8470 Velours Off Black
8479 Off Black Interior with Granite Velours Seats
8491 Sarek plush Arena

87 Soft Leather Sport Seats

8741 Soft Leather Granite Sport Seats
875A Soft Leather Light Sand Sport Seats
8770 Soft Leather Off Black Sport Seats
8779 Off Black Interior with Granite Soft Leather Sport Seats
8791 Soft Leather Arena Sport Seats

88 Bergen Alcantara®/Leather Sport Seats

8841 Bergen Alcantara®/Leather Sports Granite
885A Bergen Alcantara®/Leather Sports Light San83 Leather d
8870 Bergen Alcantara®/Leather Sports Off Black
8879 Off Black Interior with Granite Bergen Alcantara®/Leather Sports Seats
8891 Bergen Alcantara®/Leather Sports Arena

89 Regular Leather Seats

8941 Granite Leather
895A Light Sand Beige Leather
8970 Graphite / Off Black Leather
8979 Off Black Interior with Granite Leather Seats
8991 Light Taupe / Arena Leather

8A Regular Leather Sport Seats

8A5A Light Sand Beige Leather Sport Seats
8A70 Graphite Leather Sport Seats
8A7C Mixed Leather-faced Sports Arena/Off Black
8A91 Light Taupe / Arena Leather Sport Seats

8E/8F Executive Seats

8E70 Executive Leather Off Black
8E91 Executive Leather Arena
8F3L Executive Soft Leather Linen White
8F70 Executive Soft Leather Off Black
8F91 Executive Soft Leather Arena

8G Kalmar Textile / Leather Sport Seats

8G5A Kalmar Textile/Leather Sports Light Sand
8G70 Kalmar Textile/Leather Sports Off Black
8G91 Kalmar Textile/Leather Sports Arena


The instructions in this tutorial will work in the following model years:

  • 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Volvo S80