How to install headlining on Volvo S40 / V40 (1995 to 2004)

by: Alexandra M.

Here is a guide on how to install the interior roof headlining on a 1995 to 2004 Volvo S40 or V40.

To enter the headlining into the car, if it is a S40, carefully pull the headlining in through the passenger door. If a V40, pull the headlining in through the tailgate.

If you are replacing your headlining, consider also reading my “How to remove / replace the headlining on Volvo S40/V40” tutorial.

Be very carefully not to bend or rumple the headlining during the whole process and to disconnect the battery negative terminal before starting.

If you feel the need for more space, fold down the front seats.

Once the headlining is inside the car in its normal orientation, begin by positiong the headlining so you can install, by this order:

– Install the moulding around the sliding sun roof (if you have it)
– Pull the cable through to the illuminated rear view mirror.
– Install the sun visors
– Install the front plugs, one on each corner near the A-pillar, and one on each side near the B-pillar
– If it is a V40, install the two plugs in the D-pillar (one on each side)
– Install the two plugs, one on each side near the C pillar
– Install the centre plug at the rear
– If it is a V40, put the headlining behind the sealing strips for the tailgate and the door opening
– If it is a V40, connect the connector to the rear interior lighting and the press the interior lighting into the headlining.
– If it is a S40, iInstalling the cover for the 3rd stop / brake lamp, pressing it into place.
– Instal the C-pillar
– If it is a V40, install the D-pillar
– Plug the connector on the rear reading lamps and install the lamps, correctly alligned, in the headlining
– Install the front and rear door rubbers
– Install the grab handlers that go above each door. Allign them using the pin, and then install the 2 screws and close the covers
– Instal the B-pillar panel
– Install the sun visor holder and sun visor (don’t forget to connect the plug if there is a light in the mirror)
– Install the alarm ultrasonic sensor (if there is one)
– Finally, insert the front interior lightning, first connecting the plugs, the installing the screws, and then putting the lenses