How to change the engine air filter on Volvo 240

by: Mike_Brace


The first thing to do is to undo the two clips at the top of the filter box which is located next to the radiator:

The air box will then be able to be opened by leaning the back of it towards the back of the car:

The filter can then be pulled out an d as can be seen his filter is very dirty and really overdue for change:

The cover pushes in at the bottom and can now be lifted clear (it may be easier to disconnect the air pipe first)

This picture shows the way the back slides down into the base to secure it:

The new filter is bedded into the groove on the box itself:

The back is slipped back at an angle into the bottom and closed up ensuring the new filter stays in position, It is then clipped into position by the two top clips:

Now if the air pipe was disconnected refit it.


The instructions in this tutorial will work in the following models:

– Volvo 240, 242, 244 and 245